cloud accounting

Cloud Accounting – the nearest thing to magic we’ve ever seen.

Remember vinyl records? They were great, until you wanted to play one in your car.

Right now, desktop accounting systems like MYOB and QuickBooks are going the same way as vinyl. They’re being replaced by “cloud” accounting systems, usually Xero. This process is happening at a phenomenal rate throughout Australia and here are just a few of the compelling reasons this revolution is happening:

Take it easier!

Xero slashes the amount of time it takes to do your bookkeeping because it receives transaction information directly from your bank.

Many of those transactions are automatically matched and coded which dramatically reduces your time spent on data entry and reconciliations.

Xero links beautifully with other cloud applications for specialized purposes.

These can include job costing systems, point of sale, sophisticated inventory systems and hundreds more.

While many small businesses rely on Xero alone, others take advantage of the power of Xero’s ability to talk to specialized applications, including project management software and CRM’s.

Cash Flow Forecasting. Xero is a real-time accounting system that constantly receives transaction updates from your bank. This means that for the first time ever it is now possible to produce reliable cash flow forecasts almost automatically at any time. No more complex spread sheets and guesswork.

With Xero, Certus Group can build you a constantly self-updating system that forecasts your cash flow at any time.

Your information is always available.

Because Xero is web-based, it’s always available to you via internet connection.

There’s no software to install, it just happens in your web browser. You can also go mobile and connect through your smartphone or tablet.

We can help you real-time with your actual data.

If you have a problem, we can look at Xero at exactly the same time as you from our offices, regardless of where you are on the Earth.

No more emailing files or sending memory sticks!

Desktop systems are fundamentally vulnerable to hacking and data loss. No matter how good you think your anti-virus and firewall systems are, they don’t hold a candle to the bank-level security of Xero.

Plus, Xero handles all your backup needs. Your precious data is backed up constantly to secure data centres in multiple locations worldwide.

No more updates.

Because Xero is a web-based system, you never have to install updates.

It all just happens automatically in the background. Your only task is to be dazzled by the cool new stuff they’re introducing.


We have successfully converted more than 30 businesses from older systems to Xero. Every single client has been delighted with the results. Our process is as painless as possible. All of our accounting staff are certified Xero professionals and the firm is an accredited Xero partner and naturally, we use Xero to keep the books in our own business.

It’s time to put those old MYOB and QuickBooks software disks in the cupboard with the vinyl records and move on up to Xero. To learn more call Certus Group today and ask for a Xero guru.