cloud apps

Cloud apps mean that you can have an informations system – tailor-made for you.

This might be the most important article you’ve read in a long time. It might be the most important business article you’ve ever read.

If you’re in business and you’re not leveraging the power business apps, then you’re throwing away your time and money.

So what are business apps anyway?

Business apps are pieces of software that use the internet and information technology to help you run your business. Generally you can use these things either on your computer, your phone or tablet. In order for an app to be useful to you, it has to do one or more of the following things:

  1. It helps you run your business more efficiently.
  2. It helps you understand what’s going on around you in your business.
  3. It helps you connect and interact with important people like customers and suppliers.
There’s a good chance that you already use some business apps already. Good examples include Internet banking, dropbox, Google Docs and Gmail. Most of us are familiar with those sort of things, but there’s a whole world out there of business-specific apps just waiting to help you.

Ok, that’s a fairly high-level description so let’s look at a handful of concrete examples.


( is a web-based application that helps you stay in charge of all of your jobs and projects. It can record timesheets, customer details, job schedules quotes and produce an invoice at the end.

It’s used in a whole range of industries including advertising agencies, building trades, consultants or anyone who has a project based business.

One of the coolest things about the time, is that it integrates beautifully with the Xero accounting package..


is a web-based accounting package for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a brilliant product that is taking the world by storm. There are hundreds, (perhaps thousands) of other apps that work nicely with Xero.

In fact, Xero is so awesome that it deserves its own article which you can find here.

Like employees, the best apps are the ones that successfully communicate and work with each other.


( lets you scan your invoices and upload the data into your accounting system. It uses optical character recognition to actually read the invoice, find the supplier and enter in the details saving massive amounts of data entry time.

There are countless other business apps out there and if you’re not using at least some of them, rest assured your competitors are.

Certus Group love business apps. We use them ourselves, and where experienced in selecting and installing them. The best perhaps our easy-to-use and intuitive. The tricky bit though is selecting the right ones and setting them up in the first place. This is where we can help. We’ve been down that path already both in our own business and with our clients. Talk to us today about how business apps can help you run a more efficient business and be a happier person.