the tools to grow 

Grow your business with the right strategy.

Succcess has to be planned.

How fast are you growing now?

How much are you going to grow your business by next year? 5% or 10%?

What about 20% or 50%?

Which number you choose is entirely up to you. The worst thing you can do is not have one to aim for!

Great plans that work in business, need a combination of vision, understanding and skill. We have seen a lot of plans over the years, so we add experience to the mix. That means we can see many issues, before they become issues and can guide you to plan successfully.

Get this! Achieving better profits or a more valuable business is not a good strategy, it’s just the result of a good strategy.

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, growth will not just happen, growth must to be planned for . . . and then you need to implement that plan.

Some tools Certus Group Accountants provide, to help achieve the growth you want:

Financial target setting.

Start at the end and design your path!


We help you set profit targets for your business, then working backwards . . . we figure out which steps you need to take, in order to hit those targets.


The rewards will show on the bottom line.

Profitability analysis.

Anyone can increase sales by cutting prices! That usually means that your profit per sale, takes a hit as well.


We will show you the smart way to analyse your most valuable customers and product categories, and help you build a sensible pricing strategy.


You will be amazed at how we can dig out missing profits, often hidden in plain sight!


A one-page strategic business plan.

There is a limit to how much information, you can keep in your head.


A one-page strategic business plan is a brilliant tool for stating clearly and simply where you are going and how you are going to get there.


Certus will save you the brain strain and develop and succinct plan, so you will love to be in business.

If you are kick starting your business


or just want to give it a good kick . . . 


Call us today.