getting all the pieces to fit


Finding the best structure for you.

As a business owner, the legal structure of your business is not something you’re likely to look at every day. Nevertheless, the consequences of getting your structure wrong can be devastating.

There are a range of issues to be considered when deciding the best structure for you. Tax is the obvious one, but just as important are asset protection, estate planning, complexity, cost and legislative requirements.

In Australia, there is an array of legal structures available to business. These include companies, trusts of different types, superannuation funds and different types of partnerships and joint ventures.

Obviously, the easiest time to select your structure is when your first start a business. In practice however, times and circumstances can change and your priorities can change as well. When that happens it’s important to sit down and carefully review your current business structure to ensure that it is meeting all of your requirements.

This can be a complex issue and it’s certainly one that you will need our professional help with. We have vast experience in structuring and restructuring businesses across last range of industries. Your structure is something that should be reviewed at least annually. Talk to us about it today, we’re here to help.